Staff Testimonials

Jordan Miller

I had no idea a summer camp in Decatur, Michigan, could make such a huge impact on me to the point that I want to make summer camp a career.

I come back every year for the kids, the staff, and an opportunity to work at the best summer camp in the world.Jordan Miller

Jordan sitting with two campers

I started working at camp in 2016 when I was in college studying sports management. Camp has helped me develop some of my fundamental skills as a sport manager, in which I started off as a football and lacrosse instructor. I was quickly promoted to the team sports director position the following year, in 2017, and ran all of the day-to-day sports operations.

Serving in this role has taught me how to manage staff and monitor staff morale, along with being able to effectively communicate with not only staff members but, of course, the campers as well. All of that has led me to being the current athletic director at camp and wanting to be in the camp industry full-time. I look at it like this: I am getting paid to go to camp for two months, which is amazing.

You get to really enjoy the Midwest and see diverse campers and staff from all over the world. Working at Lake of the Woods/Greenwoods has been such a blessing, and I cherished every minute being there.

Kelsey Treon

This summer will be my 5th year working at this AMAZING place in Decatur, Michigan. I have had the privilege of working with kids from 6 years of age to 16 in all sorts of capacities. I started out as the drama instructor, and we successfully put on a full musical in four weeks’ time!! Then I transitioned into the trips director, which meant I got to take groups of kids and counselors to the sand dunes 15 TIMES, among other places.

Kelsey Treon

This summer I will be in a new role — Bryn Mawr division leader, overseeing the oldest girls’ cabins. But besides the awesome roles I have played and will play at Lake of the Woods/Greenwoods, I cannot even begin to express what this place has done for me as a person. I started in 2012, a young, naive college freshman, who was too shy to even think about introducing myself to a group of new people. Fortunately, I was placed with perfect co-counselors and the BEST director, who helped to push me out of that bubble. My second summer brought even more amazing friendships that officially made it my home away from home.

These people and camp helped to shape me into the woman I am today: confident, outgoing, fun, loud and driven. I have taken several summers off in between my stays, but I always know that my second home will be waiting for me.Kelsey Treon

It’s not just a job, it’s a life-changing experience that you will never forget. So, if you’re unsure about what to do this summer between college semesters, before college starts, between school years, or whatever, consider going to camp. We would LOVE to have you!