Staff FAQs

Where is Decatur, MI?Arrow 3

Decatur is a small town in southwest Michigan, about 2 ½ hours from Chicago and Detroit. The nearest city is Kalamazoo, which is about 40 minutes from camp.

How many staff work at camp, and where do they come from?Arrow 3

We employ about 250 staff members for the summer. We attract staff from all over the world. We employ college students and graduates from around the States, and our international staff often represents about 18 different countries! Most of our international counselors are from Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

What is the weather like at camp?Arrow 3

Temperatures are typically in the upper 70s to lower 80s degrees Fahrenheit

How do I get to camp?Arrow 3

Domestic staff have the option to drive to camp. We offer a free chartered bus service from Chicago O’Hare International Airport for our international counselors.

Where do staff members live?Arrow 3

All staff members live on-site. All of our counseling staff live in bunks, with campers from one of our four camps.

Do you have a uniform or required clothing?Arrow 3

No, we do not have a uniform at camp. All staff members will be provided with an official staff T-shirt to be used on opening and closing days and for out-of-camp trips. We ask that you bring comfortable and appropriate clothing for the activity that you will be instructing. You can use our camper packing lists as a guide for what to bring to camp. International staff will be provided with linens, pillows, blankets and towels.

What can I do during my time off?Arrow 3

Visit one of our local towns, relax at a nearby beach, shop, climb the sand dunes or even take advantage of the facilities we have around camp. We will occasionally provide transportation to local beaches or shopping centers. We also have a staff lounge, a computer lab and a small gym to be used during your time off.

How and when can I do my laundry?Arrow 3

We have a laundry service pick up laundry once a week. You can send your laundry out and it will come back washed, dried, folded and ready to put away!

Will I have access to the Internet at camp?Arrow 3

Yes. We have computers available for our staff to use during time off. We also have Wi-fi in our main office for those who bring laptops to camp.