Staff Testimonials

“When I arrived in Decatur MI, I had no expectations for what the summer might hold. After only one summer at camp I assure you I now have goals and expectations for the rest of my life. I developed deep and meaningful bonds with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. On top of that I have shared memories with these people that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Camp is a place where you can forget about the daily grind that is life; where your biggest concerns are getting to the ice cream sandwiches before they run out or whether or not the wind will pick up so that you can sail that afternoon. You get to appreciate the small things because your head is not clouded by the pressures that everyday life entails.” – Sean Manley, 2 summers at our camp

“Because of camp I was able to be myself and meet new people from around the world. I made lifelong friends and share memories that will never be forgotten. Because of camp I am now sure that I want to teach for a living and be the best that I can be. Camp opened my eyes to great opportunities and showed me that you can really love your job. It is a great experience that cannot be explained any other way than AMAZING!” – Liz Nikiel, 2 summers at our camp

“I came to camp last summer not really knowing what to expect, but sure I was going to have an enjoyable time. I had no idea that after two summers I would be itching to get back as soon as it had finished! For me, life is all about the connections you make with people and the experiences you have. Camp gave me opportunities like no other job could; meeting people from all over the world and spending time with children who are so amazing and different to any I had ever met. For me, camp was not just another experience. It really has changed my life. Because of camp I am now hoping to become a primary school teacher. I have seen firsthand the impact that you can make on a young person’s life and I want to be making that positive impact. Of all the things that I could be doing in the world next summer, I can think of nothing that I would be rather doing than spending 8 weeks in Decatur, Michigan.” – Jonny Thurston, 5 summers at our camp

“Camp was an unexpected life-changing adventure for me. Camp has a magical power that can’t be explained in words. The experience was so powerful that it pulled me back from Colombia and China! Camp gave me friends from all around the world. I now work for one of the biggest multinational companies and I love what I do but there is not a day that goes by without me wishing I was still at camp.” – Dave Molina, 3 summers at our camp

“Being a counselor at Lake of the Woods and Greenwoods literally changed my life! I met some amazing campers and counselors from around the world and they will remain some of my best friends, despite living on different continents.” – Blake Whillock, 2 summers at our camp

“Pulling up to Lake of the Woods Camp as an 8 year old girl, it took me all of one day to realize that this place was incredibly special. Of course as soon as my parents pulled away I was instantly homesick and cried for hours, but it all changed that night at the opening camp fire. I remember looking around at all these unknown faces and knowing that I would be okay because the joy that radiated out of them was contagious- they were back “home” for the summer and couldn’t be happier. It has been 12 years since I’d stepped foot on the place that changed my life forever, and I still keep going back summer after summer. The transformation of a camper to counselor truly opened my eyes to the endless ways camp guides you into your own person. As a camper, I would always get asked why I kept going back, and my response was always the same, “For the people.” My closest friends to this day are still the girls I met my first summer at LWC. It is an honor to be able to teach, guide, and allow a new generation of campers to experience the magic of camp. Working side by side with the most amazing staff, in an effort to ensure campers create wonderful memories of camp that will last them a lifetime are what keep me glued to camp now. Lake of the Woods will always be a home to me and I am so happy that I experience all the joys of summer camp.” – Lauren Giacalone, 12 summers at our camp

“Camp was the best summer of my life! I now realize that I would like to work with kids for the rest of my life. Camp taught me how to work with the kids on a higher level and to enjoy every day to the fullest. Thanks for the great memories and friends!” – Jerry Farkas, 4 summers at our camp

“As a foreign student living away from home in New York, camp provided me a home away from home. It is a place where I have been able to escape the pressures of ‘normal’ life and reconnect with the fun and enjoyment found at Lake of the Woods and Greenwoods. Camp has allowed me to gain an enhanced focus upon the path I wish to take through University, into secondary education, all while allowing me to share my knowledge of my other major passion; soccer.” – Kris Nosworthy, 3 summers at our camp