Packing for Camp

Order Clothing

Our camps are NOT uniform camps, but we do require our campers to wear an official camp T-shirt for trips. Our official camp outfitter is Camp Spot. Click here to visit Camp Spot!

Packing Lists

Please use this as your guide when packing your camper for the summer.

Package Policy

Our camps have a no package policy. This policy extends to all parents, relatives and friends. Any package received will be returned to sender. You MAY send flat envelopes up to 9×12 in size. If you can bend it, you can send it! There is NO FOOD, CANDY or SUGAR GUM in letters. If your child forgets to pack an essential item, please contact our office and we will arrange for your child to receive these items from you.

Labeling Camp Clothing

As you prepare for camp, below are some companies that create different types of labels to ensure that your child has his or her name on all items at camp. We recommend these companies as their labels are of high quality.

It is important for all camp clothing to be labeled to avoid lost items and help us return our “lost and found.” For a simple way to label all of your clothing, visit our labeling experts by clicking on the links below. For Label Daddy, use promo code LWCGWC for a 10% discount!