A Day At Lake of The Woods


An Example of your Customized Activity Schedule (All periods are elective.)

A Day Schedule
1. Horseback Riding
2. Swimming
3. Waterskiing
4. Climbing
5. Free Choice
B Day Schedule
1. Gymnastics
2. Song Writing/Recording
3. Hip-Hop Dance
4. Canoeing
5. Sailing


Campers participate in five 55-minute activity periods each A day and a different five each B day. Campers spend the morning participating in activities as a cabin group and the afternoon doing their individually selected activities.

Each camper will choose her own afternoon activities so the Customized Activity Schedule below is just an example.

A Day Schedule
1. Cabin: Arts and Crafts
2. Cabin: Swimming
3. Hip-Hop Dance
4. Waterski
5. Sailing
B Day Schedule
1. Cabin: Tubing
2. Cabin:Outdoor Living Skills (OLS)
3. Volleyball
4. Tennis
5. Yoga

A different program is planned for every evening at camp. Some of our most popular include Cabin Nights, Decades Night, Capture the Flag, campfires, Dancing with the Staff, tubing on our beautiful lake, or even a trip to the nearby bowling alley or fun park!